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Getting Started

  • Fabric Squares & threadRemember, we are working together to make your quilt the treasure that you want it to be!

  • As a quilter myself, I know the long hours and love that you have put into your quilt, and I will treat it with great care.

  • If possible, I would like to meet you, discuss your project and review the wide range of patterns and options available.

  •  If it is not convenient to get together in person, we can discuss your project over the phone, review pattern options and use shipping.

  • Contact us for more information or to get your project started!

Tips & Tricks

  • Check all seams and trim threads

  • Backing and batting need to be at least
    4” longer and wider
    than the quilt top

  • Use a good quality fabric for backing— similar weight and thread count as the top.

  • Square and press your top

  • Please don’t pin or baste your quilt together

  • Call or e-mail me if you have any questions
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